EYE V is formed from a damp sheet of watercolour paper,

 which completely stiffens when it dries

> Created in July 2023

> Dimensions: 11cm x 15cm x 7cm

> 300 gms Arches watercolour paper



Lieven Peeters is a 19-year-old origamist from Belgium, studying civil engineering and architecture at the university of Leuven. From a young age, Lieven has been captivated by the intricate art of paperfolding. With a keen eye for detail and a good bit of spacial awareness, he has been honing his skills in various areas of the art form for nearly a decade. His older works were focused on achieving the highest levels of detail possible from a single sheet of paper. These models can still be viewed on Instagram. As of recent he has been experimenting with a technique known as wet-folding, a term that fails to explain what the method actually entails, but because moist-sculpting doesn’t have the same ring to it, the label is bound to stick around. This technique of gently manipulating thick paper makes it possible to create organic forms and explore the expressiveness of human emotions. 


> Note that the prices listed do not include shipping costs.

> Pieces will be securely packaged and sent using the reliable services of the Belgian postal company.

> Even for the largest models, the weight does not exceed 350g. Here are some estimated shipping costs: €5 for Belgium, €15 for the UK, and €18 for the USA. Please note that these costs may vary depending on extras like tracking and priority shipping.

> Preferred payment methods are Paypal or a bank transfer.

> In the unlikely case that multiple people claim the same piece before the website is updated, the first person to claim it will be given priority, the others will receive an email to discuss the possibility of a similar piece.

> For now I am unable to take personalised commissions, wetfolding already presents challenges that are complex enough to navigate without additional limitations.